25 January, 2011

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

"Tool Time!" ;-)

Nah, just kidding. Haha!

It's time for another wonderfully random post from yours truly. Aren't you excited?! *pauses to listen* I thought you would be! =D

You will be happy to know (or maybe not, but you should be) that I - Sarah *Insert Last Name Here* - am officially back on the workout train!!!!

[thunderous applause]

After talking to my hubby on Skype this morning and laying on the couch not wanting to do anything, I finally got off my toosh and did something! I put on my newly purchased yoga pants (which are fabulous, in case you were wondering) and got things set up:

Yeah, I totally use my our Xbox to workout. Can you say "Netflix instant?" They don't have a lot of Pilates videos, but I've found a few that are actually pretty decent. Add in my super-cute, hot pink, hawaiian flower-dy mat and how could I not work out? (Don't answer that because I've obviously not been working out for a while...) Unfortunately, the silly thing hadn't been used since Joe went back to the Sandbox so I had to download updates and apparently there was still a DVD in there. =P Finally, I got my video to play and did 30 minutes of Pilates.

Oh man. It was rough. Things I once could do with no problem were suddenly hurting and wearing me out. =( That's what I get from avoiding the mat for so long. Fortunately, the 30 minutes went fairly quick and before I knew it I was stretching my muscles out. Personally, that's my favorite part of the workout. Even though I was dying, I felt amazing afterward! I know it's crazy, but it's true! I would really like to know how that happens. Let's just hope the same thing happens after I hit the gym Wednesday. I'm counting tomorrow as a day off because I have to go to an FRG training thing at 0900. Sarah doesn't get up early, so no workout tomorrow.

I also did really well on calorie counting today! My plan is to do Pilates 2-3 times a week and to hit the gym at least twice a week to run. My knees don't take the pavement very well, so I'll be on the ellipticals.  Anyway, I'm also calorie counting. Want another reason I love my iPhone? ;-) This app:

I used it for a while when I was still living in NC and working out hardcore. You can enter all of  your meals AND workouts in it. (Sex counts too. ;-) I so love that. Though, it's not really that much... Unless you're marathoning it. LOL And obviously, I am doing NONE of that right now... *SIGH*) So, it adds up your calorie intake and subtracts all the calories you burned off. Pilates doesn't burn that many calories, unfortunately, but I use it for the strength training and toning so I'm not worried. I can run off the rest in the gym. Anyway, I stinkin' love this app. You put in your weight, height, age, gender and your goal weight and it gives you "plans" to choose from. I chose to lose 1 lb a week (eating 1298 calories a day) which should put me at my goal weight around 2 weeks before Joe comes back!

I honestly thought I'd be starving... But I'm not. I did really well today, and after I'd eaten dinner I still had 510 calories to go. How did I celebrate? I made chocolate chip cookies and finished off those last calories! Hahaha! Joe thought it was hilarious too. I told him that no one ever said a diet DIDN'T include cookies! Plus, if I don't give myself some sort of chocolate I will not stick to a diet. It just won't happen. I also give myself one day free of calorie counting and exercising a week. I learned this from a super-skinny Marine wife that I worked with at Chili's. I figured if she could stay skinny that way, I could get skinny that way. It's worked pretty well, when I stay on track. =P

Week 1 of Operation: Get Fit is going well so far!


So, this morning post-workout I took the time to download all the updates my Mac has been yelling at me to do for like 2 weeks. I hate doing them because half the time you either have to be connected to a power source or you have to restart it. *sigh* I'm attached to my computer and, well.... You know how it is, I'm sure. I knew I needed to do it, so I finally let go for a few minutes and did it. Wouldn't you know that I got  a really nice surprise?!

After my computer restarted, I saw this little icon in my dock...and it made me smile. =)

If you have an iPhone, I'm sure this will look familiar to you. All iPhones have the App Store. Recently, Apple launched its Mac App Store. Apps for the Macs! Woooo! I'm already in love. Would you like to see the first one I downloaded?

Twitter, of course!! I have to keep up with all my "Tweeps!" I have it on my phone too, but half the time it alerts my phone before my computer... Which is really frustrating when I'm on the computer. Now this is no longer a problem. I have a live feed that automatically updates itself! No refreshing, no browser necessary. Just an internet connection. Bliss.

Isn't that awesome?! They obviously have a bunch of other apps too. Games, things for businesses, health apps, iCal reminder apps... Pretty much anything you can think of. And just so we're clear here, Apple is NOT paying me to say any of this. I just really love my Mac and feel the need to share the awesomeness that is Apple. 

After owning a Mac for...4ish years now, I no longer understand PC users. At all. And when I'm forced to use a PC - like at the museum - it frustrates me to no. end. PC/Windows/Whatever is trying desperately to be like Apple. (It really can't be denied.) One of my favorite Mac features is the ability to search my entire computer for a file. I can type in "scan" for a photo I've scanned and it brings up every file that has "scan" in its name or in the document itself. On a PC? I can type in the whole freakin' name of the file and it doesn't come up. Nothing. Oh, and the drag and drop features that PC users now love? Apple started that. The widgets? Apple.

Ok, end rant. I really love my Mac. Everyone should own one. Once you go Mac, you never go back! ;-)


After that, I uploaded some pictures to be printed off at WalMart. (Oh, how I miss Walgreen's photo center...) I'm making a little something for my hubby and I always like to send pictures. Don't worry, you'll see all of it once he gets the package. He's a hit-and-miss reader of my blog and I don't want him to see it before he gets it! 

Anyway, while I was doing some V-Day shopping for my hubby, I came across something slightly disturbing...

Obama. On a Valentine's Day Card. You have got to be kidding me!!!!! When will the obsession with Obama stop? When will they stop selling CRAP with his face on it?! I get that he's the president. I get that everyone who's not a Republican/Conservative thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. But, come on people. He's NOT a savior. He's not some icon. He's a president... He's got the most powerful and most stressful job in the country. Whether or not I like him, his position grants him a little more respect than being stamped on a freakin' Vday card. And by the way, Obama might have been born in Hawaii, but he wasn't Hawaii's senator and he hasn't lived here in years. Chicago is his home. I can't stand it when people (especially Hawaiians) go ga-ga over him saying he's "from" Hawaii. I was born in England, but that doesn't make me English! Grrrr.

End rant #2. =) I swear this wasn't meant to be a ranting post!


I have a few new things on my crafts list!! I have two things to make for Joe that I can't tell you about, a laptop cover for Anna and another thing (or two, or three) that I can't tell you about! Anna (aka my SIL, for you newbies) has a birthday coming up and I feel the need to make her a little something. And I promised her while I was in NC that I would make her a laptop cover. I am one busy girl! 

I'd like to make myself some potholders when I get the chance... I need to start sewing my next blankie...  And I can't decide whether or not I want to make myself a wristlet. You know, something small that will hold my ID, iPhone, cards, $$ and keys while I'm at the gym. I hate carrying all that crap in with me. I just don't know that I want to attempt a zipper again. The thought of just buying super cute one from Etsy and not having to deal with a zipper is really appealing. If you can't tell, zippers and I aren't very good friends. Just ask my laptop cover. That's all I'm saying about that one!


That is pretty much all the news going on in my world... All that I can think of anyway. =P Hubby's day off is supposedly tomorrow so I'm hoping for a really nice, long Skype video chat! We haven't been using the web cam much lately because his connection is so crappy. I hate not being able to see his face and hear his voice. Plus, when we can talk (sans video) it's not usually for very long. The longer he's gone, the harder that part gets. We're officially on the downward slope, but I'm still waiting for the Donut to give me a new phrase. I know we're over the hump, thank you very much! =P I'm trying very hard to stay positive, but it's not easy. I'm praying these next few months fly by, though. I need them to!

Hope your week is off to a great start!!


Jes said...

I love that show! Please tell me you had JTT posters on your wall growing up and I'm not alone...please!

Now I feel incredibly guilty for eating velveta shells and cheese for dinner!

According to google maps, there are plenty of Walgreens in Honolulu...why don't you use them?

The Mrs. said...

I've never done pilates, but I do LOVE netflix. Maybe I'll have to look one of the instant plays up. :D

I think it's pretty ridiculous (or just plain annoying) that Obama's face is still EVERYWHERE

Katie said...

Good for you! I'm back on Weight Watchers to lose some of the weight I gained after I quit WW last time. Haha.

I totally agree-- what's with Obama on a VDay card?? Bizarre.

Mrs. Monkey said...

I love that lose it app. I use it religiously when I have to get into "salsa shape". I find that I go looking for things that count as exercise just so i can put it in there and earn a snack at 3:00!

Anna said...

Lucky me - I'm so glad you feel the need to make me something! :)

hmb said...

Did you get your new yoga pants at ON?! Who can resist at $12 a pop!? I've been doing home workouts on the cable company's on demand. They had the 30Day Shred and it was rough!!

I've been wanting a Mac for the longest...I just can't seem to part with that much money. It doesn't make sense really...since I have to buy a new laptop every year or so. I might as well just spend a good amount for it to last a while!

AND--those Obama cards are killer. They had them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. Be serious, people.

The McGriff's said...

I would LOVE to hear (or read ;) ) what workouts you like best from Netflix. I have tried one and it was OK. And I am in no hurry at all to find out what you like best since it will be April before I can actually try them out since I have to modify everything right now due to my big 'ole belly!

And I am the same way about updates. I HATE having to restart my computer while I am trying to email, facebook, blog, etc. And that is ALWAYS the time when I get the update message. I just saw one today... maybe I should actually update so I can get the app store icon too!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that yoga mat!!!!

Dani said...

I totally agree with you on the Mac vs. PC battle. I just switched this fall, and now I'm wondering why I took so dang long ;) I'm NOT going back haha.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love that sex counts and I love that you and I think alike. Its not that much unless you're marathoning it. Ha!