16 January, 2011

All In A Day...

Today has been...quite the day. Well, maybe I should say that it's been an interesting 24 hours...

First, I was seriously impressed with the amount of comments on yesterday's "delurker" post! I'm so glad all of you commented!! Please keep up the commenting!! I love hearing from all of you...even if I don't reply because I read emails on my phone and forget about them almost instantly.

Last night, through the wonderful social networking site, Facebook, I found out that a girl I went to high school with was severely injured in a car accident. She's a couple years older than me, but since I went to Small Town High - and graduated with 37 people - I still know who she is. We're even friends on Facebook. Go figure. =P Anyway. This girl is very sweet... She's an awesome Christian, thanks to her amazing parents. Her dad is also a pastor, and she also has 2 sisters. One thing that I realized soon after the news was that she's only been married for about 3 months. Not only that, her husband just got released to go back to work after enduring a hospital stay for a relapse of leukemia. (I'm not 100% sure on that one, but I could swear I saw her posting about that. If I'm wrong, forgive me!) I don't know exactly what her injuries are, but I do know that the doctors are most worried about the swelling in her brain. She's on a ventilator, but they did do a test to see if she can breathe on her own and she can. That in itself is a blessing. She's young and healthy, so I believe that she has a chance of making it through this. Plus, she has so many people praying for her. I know that her family would appreciated your prayers as well, if you feel led to do so.

After hearing about this, I was just instantly reminded that I take my life for granted. I constantly pray for my husband's safety because he is deployed. I always think that he's the only one [in this relationship] that's in danger. He's the one I need to pray for. The fact is, tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Any one of us could be in a car accident tomorrow and not survive. This realization scared me. You know, that whole "what if" scenario. After thinking and praying a lot about it, God reminded me that He's the one who's in control. I shouldn't worry about what might happen, because He's got it all figured out for me and He really knows what's best for me. While I hate to think about how it would effect the people I love, I know without a doubt that IF something were to happen to me I would go to meet my Savior. Death is scary...but it doesn't have to be for those of us who know Jesus and call him our Savior. He already overcame death. What on earth do I have to be worried about?!

This morning after being up on and off for two hours trying to talk to my husband and deal with tummy troubles, I got this text from my bestie:

On our way to hospital. About 4 min apart...

Even though I was completely exhausted and trying desperately to go back to sleep, I was SO EXCITED! My bestie is going to have her baby today! I may have squealed a little bit. On the inside, of course. Who squeals when they're completely exhausted? ;-)

Thankfully, Melissa's sister, Liz, texted me and updated me on how she was doing. I was so unbelievably happy when she texted me. I'm not sure she knows how much that meant. Melissa had asked Liz to be there for the birth (like to watch and be involved), and I know that that meant so much to Liz even though she has 2 kids of her own. I know that part of Liz wasn't really thrilled when Melissa asked her to update me. =P She would text me throughout the day to let me know what was going on... When she got the epidural, when she was 9cm, when it was time to push and when little Miss Jorja arrived. It wasn't as good as being there, but I loved that I was somewhat a part of it all. I mean, she IS my bestie...we've only known each other for about 14 years... And this is kind of an important day for her. I was there for her wedding, dang it, and I would have loved to be there for her daughter's birth. Thanks again, Army. But, after a very long day (probably WAY longer for my bestie), this little girl made her grand entrance to the world!

She is so loved already. =) Apparently, she also has - wait for it - red hair!! Neither Melissa or her husband have red hair, but her hubby has a red beard. I, for one, am loving this fact and I hope her hair stays red. How awesome would that be?! ;-) I know I'm severely partial to red hair, but come on... I am so unbelievably happy for my friend. After trying for quite some time, God blessed them with this precious little girl! Life is truly a gift. =) I must admit it's sort of strange to think that she's a mom now. I suppose it was strange for me when she got married too. Oh well. Just another chapter in the story of our lives!

I found out about little Miss Jorja's arrival while I was at another baby shower. Ironic, no? Unfortunately, this baby shower was quite possibly the worst I've ever been to. I wish I was kidding. You see, the girl it was for is a Soldier from Joe's company. A single soldier. (Not judging, just giving you all the details. =)) She found out she was expecting when they tested all the females prior to deployment. Coincidence? The world may never know. Anywho, our FRG leader (who I really do love, by the way) decided that we - the FRG - should throw her a shower since a) she has no money, b) she has no help and c) we should do it just because.  So, I bought a very practical gift and went.

Enter: Trouble

Shower was supposed to start at 1200. I got there right on time because I live exactly 60 seconds away. There were 2 people there, including our FRG leader, and they were still decorating. What?! So, I helped decorate. People slowly started to file in. Most of the people who came were wives from the company. Finally around 1300, we decided we should eat the food that'd been sitting out for over an hour. Then the "guest of honor" showed up...with a single guy in tow, who's also not the "baby daddy." Can you say "awkward?"

More awkwardness happens when one of the wives (who I literally can.not. stand.) decided we should play a game called "Who Knows Mommy Best." Uh, seriously?! This particular wife has been hanging out with "mommy" for 2 weeks, and only 3 of her friends were there. The rest of us have probably only met her one time. Yeah, it's a great game to play. It was an epic fail. Then, Annoying Wife (yeah, I like that title) decides it's time for game #2. Yay. This one was okay. You cut a piece of yarn that's supposed to be the size of her belly. Whatevs. Then, game #3!!! Honestly, I think 2 games is pushing it. The candy bar in the diaper game. Wonderful. Two lucky wives got to leave because they had a kid birthday party to go to. I almost went with them. 

Finally our FRG leader decided maybe we should open gifts and cut the cake since so many people were leaving. Gee, ya think!? More awkwardness as Mommy opened gifts from people she didn't know and Annoying Wife kept griping and cussing out the guy that came with Mommy. One wife looked at me and said, "I really wish she'd shut her mouth. There are kids here." {Let it be noted that Annoying Wife has a 2 or 3 year old boy who she cusses like a sailor around.} If I had had kids there, you can bet your boots I would have said something!!!! I was tempted to anyway...and I don't have kids. Anyway. It was just one awkward event after another... And the whole time I just wanted to impale Annoying Wife.

Have you ever had people in your life that it almost pained you to be around? Honestly, I have a very hard time just being around her. Even if she doesn't say anything directly to me. When I first met her, I tried to be the "good Christian girl" and be nice to her... Try to be her friend and help her not be so...her. Am I making sense? I hope so. After a few weeks of trying to be her friend (I should note that this was immediately after Joe deployed), I realized that hanging out with her was making me a more negative person. I was becoming more like her instead of the opposite. I learned my lesson a long time ago and decided that it was best that I not be around her so much. Apparently this offended her and now she pretty much doesn't say anything to me at all. I am cordial to her, but we are not friends. It's awkward, but I really just can't be around her for my own well-being. I know that there are some people who, no matter how hard you try, will just never turn to God... Or maybe I'm just not the person to help her see the way...

Anyway, after a very painful 3 hours, I finally left and came home. Now all of you Twitter peeps know the reason behind my "omg this is the worst baby shower ever" tweet from earlier today. =) Thanks for helping me to find a way out. I eventually snuck out with another wife who couldn't stand to be there another second!

Luckily, I was able to have a glass - or two - of wine tonight with some other, more...classy ladies tonight. =) It had been a while since I had dinner with them, so it was nice to sort of catch up. Two of the girls there are about to experience R&R and the other two of us have already had it. We shared our stories and stuff... I don't know, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening. I was very thankful for it.

On top of that, my bestie was texting me tonight! I couldn't believe it! The woman just gave birth a few hours ago and here she is texting me! Apparently, she had just fed Miss Jorja, had a snack and was awake. I'm ok with that. I got to talk to her about the birth - how it all went... And ask her if she was relieved to not be pregnant anymore. Obviously, as someone who wants kids, I have a lot of questions about everything. I know that I'll get all the lovely details later, but it was nice to get the short version for now. Plus, she got to tell me how amazing it is... =) I'm so happy for her.

It has definitely been a long day, but it's been good for the most part. Now I get to wait and see if my husband gets back online to chat. =) We don't get to talk as often as we used to, so I'm going to stay up as long as possible! 

I hope your weekend is going well!!

And many kudos if you made it to the end of this post! I didn't mean for it to be so long!


The Mrs. said...

That's so sad about the girl who went your high school, I really hope she will be okay.

Congrats to your best, I'm sure those texts helped the distance! :D Jorja is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

And I was reading your tweets on the baby shower...YIKES! Glad you were finally able to make your exit! :D

ABW said...

What a sweet little baby!!!

Sorry about your friend from high school.

I have mixed feelings on obligatory baby showers. I understand why they have them, but they really need to make them over and done with in an hour....of course then the mommy to be wouldn't have even been there though. What a weird situation.

Kaycee said...

Oh man, I couldn't have sat through that baby shower that long lol. And I totally I agree, I have been doing the same thing. Realizing what friendships aren't good for me and who I need to back out of my life. It's a good thing once it's done!
Sorry about your friend she will be in my thoughts.
And yay to your bestie!!! Her baby is adorable...and red hair?? Everyone joked that mine would have red hair lol. It's crazy how that happens sometimes!

Erin said...

Beautiful baby! Congrats to your friend! Also, I think that baby shower can go down in the history books as the most awkward shower ever.

David and Sarah said...

I will be praying for your friend from HS and her family! I hope that she recovers quickly! And congrats to your Bestie for being a new Mommy to a very beautiful baby girl! One of my close friends just had a baby and she shared all the 23 hours of labor with me.. i was horrified for a little while. But my best friend is about to have her baby any day now, so I'm hoping to head up to Montana and be there for the birth *fingers crossed*!! I'm so sorry for the awkward baby shower and the highly inappropriate "Annoying wife". Gosh, I don't know how you made it three hours. The agony would have been written all over my face. I hope you got to talk to your husband!! :D

ae said...

Congrats to your bestie!

I cannot believe you made it 3 hours at that shower.

McDancer said...

Congratulations to your bestie, baby Jorja is absolutely beautiful.

And you deserve major kudos for surviving so long at that baby shower, sounds like a hot mess!

Ciera said...

Your friend from school is in my prayers and I hope she makes a full recovery. Congrats to your best friend and that is a beautiful baby! As for the baby shower 3 hours OMG that is crazy ...I don't think I could do 3 hours but you did the right thing by going and helping out.

The Sachinger Family said...

Im with you on the shower, im glad i was able to make my exit when i could