10 December, 2010

Lonely, Jingly Wedding Bells

It's another day of guest bloggers!! I am so thankful that these wonderful ladies [and bloggers] have offered to fill in for me while I'm spending some much-needed alone time with my hubby. =) Today I have the pleasure of hosting Mrs. GI Joe from ACUs, Stiletto Shoes and Pretty Pink Tutus. She's probably one of the best people ever and she has a seriously adorable little girlie. So, read her super sweet blog post for today and then go check out her blog!

Falling in love with a service member can do some incredibly strange things to a girl. Before the year 2005 if someone had told me I’d have my dream wedding on a Christmas Eve I would have thought it was the most romantic idea under the sun. But that’s the thing with military…sometimes what should be your best Christmas ever ends up on the worst list.

I’m not saying that Christmas was awful but there was something constantly hovering over our heads. We knew we had only one week as newlyweds before he left for a year of combat. If you’ve been through a deployment you can probably remember what that final week is like. In the end we were both just grateful for the chance to make our commitment official before he left. The following year I spent Christmas—and our first anniversary—without him. That’s definitely one for the worst list.

A funny thing happened last year for Christmas. We weren’t expecting G.I. Joe to be home but God did awesome things and allowed us to be together without a deployment there to overshadow everything. So how did we spend that miraculous holiday together? Arguing. Not like crazy yelling and screaming arguing, but bickering and snapping at each other for no apparent reason. December had been an extremely stressful month and I guess by the time Christmas Eve rolled around we were both exhausted. The sun set that night and we realized we wasted our entire fourth anniversary being childish. G.I. Joe sat with his hands on his head and was quite broken up over this.

“I’m so sorry I ruined our anniversary and made this the worst Christmas Eve ever.” He said.

“You think you ruined this day for me? This is the worst Christmas in your eyes? No. No, no, no. The WORST Christmas is the one where you aren’t here to argue with me. This will always be one of the best.”

After exchanging anniversary cards we went to sleep that night with the movie Elf flickering in the background. That Christmas morning I got to wake up next to the love of my life. Sometimes it’s the little things, like just having him in the same room when we are both in a bad mood, that can land one Christmas a spot on the “best ever” list. 

Thanks again, Mrs. GI Joe! Back tomorrow with another of my favorite bloggers!

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Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Aww thanks for that sweet intro! I love you and hope you and your G.I. Joe are having the most fab Christmas ever :)