23 December, 2010

Bah Humbug

Seriously. I am so not even close to feeling all in the spirit of Christmas. 

My family is driving me nuts. As families go, I'm sure mine isn't the worst. There's just one really large problem with my family: I'm nothing like them.

I often wonder how on earth I'm related to them. Granted, the man I call "dad" is my stepfather... That probably has something to do with it. Still. My brother (who is 3 years younger) is the complete opposite of me. My mom drives me batty. Together, my parents drive me insane. Here's a prime example for you: 

Let's set the scene, shall we?

Mom turned on a Jeff Dunham show. Dad just wants to watch one of his little puppets.

Mom: Why don't we get the DVD out instead of watching it on TV?

Dad: No. We can just wait and then turn the channel later.

TV insanely loud in the background

Mom: But I don't like commercials!!! Starts searching for DVD

Dad: Let's just watch it on TV!

TV show still blaring

Mom: What the crap?! This is the wrong DVD! Starts freaking out.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep my mouth shout and not leave the room. This went on for a good 10 minutes before Dad gave up and let Mom put the DVD in. They fought. About a TV show. Really? I won't even tell you about the situation in the kitchen while I was making cookies...

I had such a good day today... And then I come back to their house and get inundated with insanely loud TVs, arguing and general crap.

I'm so glad I got to spend some time with my bestie today. She rescued me from what I'm sure would have been another interesting day in the 'rent's household and took me fabric shopping. =) Then we ran a couple errands and ate lunch at Olive Garden!!! Yumm-o! We don't have Olive Garden in good 'ole Hawaii, so it was really nice. Then, we went back to Melissa's and just chilled out for a while. Well, I say "chilled out" but we really sat in the nursery and organized baby clothes. =P Little Jorja is due on Jan 13th and her clothes needed to be sorted. We chatted while we sorted clothes. It was fun. And then we made my hubby a laptop cover with fabric we bought today! We had a really good time. I also got to ride in the truck that her hubby fixed up! It was really nice, but it doesn't have heat so I froze a little bit. =)

I'm praying that my hubby will call/Skype soon. I haven't heard a peep from him since Monday. =( I got so freaked out last night (partially because Skype was down...*sigh*) that I texted the FRG leader to see if her husband knew if mine was back on the FOB yet. She texted back around 1 am (OK time) and said that he was fine. =) Thank God for connections! Apparently, my husband was on Facebook this morning but didn't have time to call. At least I know he's ok. 

Between the lack of hubby and family drama, I'm just not into Christmas this year. I'm still incredibly thankful that God sent His Son to this earth to ultimately die for our sins. I just really don't feel like celebrating. The beauty of it all is that I can celebrate His birth and sacrifice any time I want. =) And, technically, I've already celebrated with my hubby.

I hope you all are feeling more Christmasy than I am and have a wonderful time with your own families. =)


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I COMPLETELY understand about feeling out of place in my own family. They are crazy, and I love them, but.... like I said, they're crazy ha ha! I really hope you had a good day today lovey and I am SO happy you got to talk to Joe. Loves!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I hope your Christmas got brighter and that you heard from Joe!