27 November, 2010

Fall Foto Contest: Final Week!

I hate that not many people participated this week. 

I suppose I'm partially to blame, though.

It's been an up-and-down week, and I forgot to send out the usual friendly reminders.

But hey, three new (or mostly new) people entered!

That's a good thing. =)

And here are the entries:

Photo by Adriane

Photo by AF Wifey 
(at least I think so, anyway...)

Photo by Cece

No one sent me links to their blog, so I'm sorry you can't check them out.

{And I hope the names are right! =P}

Alright readers, it's your turn to participate!

Check out the poll on the right sidebar and vote for your favorite.

This is the last week, so make it count!

I'll be back with the winner tomorrow and then next Friday with the winner of the whole she-bang!

Happy Weekend!


Skinnie Piggie said...

I totally ran out of time, we've got family in and our 2yr old nephew is keeping all of us on our toes! Plus you cannot pull a laptop out, he just bangs on the keyboard (he's finally taking a nap!).

These photos are beautiful, great job ladies!

kelsey lauren said...

i think the fall photo contest is great! the only problem is that in over half of north america it's winter now!! will you be starting a winter photo contest??

ps. i'm going to hawaii in less than a month and i'm super excited! can't wait for the sun. i'll make sure to wave hello to you when i'm landing haha

Mandy said...

With the holiday, everything has been so crazy that I think people just ran out of time. I know I completely forgot about the contest until I saw the post pop up in my feed and normally I am looking forward to it every week.

Goodnight moon said...

Just voted...and again I'm totally bummed about not doing this weeks!I had a really awesome picture I took at my parents house....with fall and then spring like flowers in the background. It was awesome!

I can't wait to see how the BIG winner is!