15 November, 2010

40 Days 'Til Christmas!

I have been seriously fighting the urge to decorate my house for Christmas this year. I don't think I've ever had it so bad before. When I was little, my mom started a tradition of sorts. On the day after Thanksgiving, we would pull out all the Christmas decorations, watch Christmas movies and decorate. Our favorite one to watch is Scrooged with...Crap. The guy's name just totally left my mind. Actor from Groundhog Day.... It's gone. Maybe I'll Google it later. =P Hopefully it will come to me. Anyway. That's the tradition.

On our first Christmas together, we decorated the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Last year that was just not possible. We were basically living in 2 apartments - one in NC and one in GA. We'd scheduled the move for December 4, so there was no point in decorating. Plus, the week of Thanksgiving I was in GA already. We didn't know until the day before Thanksgiving that Joe was getting a weekend pass and that we'd be able to go home. It was such a great feeling to have him home for those few days. We actually felt like a normal couple again! Except that he was in ACU's. I told him that our landlords were going to think I brought some stranger home. ;-)

This year, I am really going to try to continue that tradition. Joe wasn't really into the whole decorating thing anyway, so I won't be too bummed out that he's not here. I'm pretty excited about decorating. It's the one holiday that I really go all-out for. I have a tree (obviously), super cute ornaments, a wreath, a bell to hang on the door, stockings, stocking holders, Christmas houses, a little wire tree to put on the table, a gingerbread man spoon rest, tea towels.... And I'm probably forgetting something. Tomorrow I'm running out to Target to find an Advent calendar. I have been absolutely dying to have one and Target has some of the best I've ever seen!! I have avoided getting one because they're around $30, but I'm biting the bullet and just getting one. Not like I won't get good use out of it!

I'm currently trying to decide where on earth I'm going to put my tree! I usually put it in a corner, because that's just the easiest thing to do. Melissa suggested that I put it in between my DVD shelf and entertainment center, but I don't know. I'm still considering moving the desk over and putting it in the corner by the patio door. We'll see. =)

I also ordered our Christmas cards a few days ago!! I got 50 free cards from Shutterfly because I blogged about them. =) I did have to pay shipping, but I'm pretty sure I can handle $9 for 50 photo cards. I can't wait to get them and start addressing them!!

I love them!! For those of you who will actually be receiving one of these, just act surprised, ok? ;-) I'm going to have to try really hard not to send them out until December. Honestly, I don't think I have ever been this excited about Christmas!

The one thing I haven't really been on top of this year is the shopping. I've finished shopping for my niece and nephew {they're the only ones we're really buying for on Joe's side} and I'm done with Mom's gift, but I still have my grandparents, Dad and brother to buy/make things for. If I can find some Nana-ish fabric, I think I'm going to make her some potholders...or maybe a scarf. Heck, maybe I'll do both since I can't seem to make up my mind! I'm going to get Papa some pj pants, I think... And I might get both of them a book of crossword puzzles since they like them so much. Dad and Brother... Well, I'll have to work on them! I pretty much know what I'm getting Joe, but I won't post it just in case he happens to read this post. Sorry, babe! Maybe I'll attempt some Christmas shopping while I'm out tomorrow.

Oh, I must show you a couple of things!! I checked my good 'ole Donut of Misery yesterday... Take a look at all this GREEN!

Know what that means?! R&R is on its way!!! =D 
Oh, and the Donut had a little bit to say this time.

Yup. That's pretty much how I feel!!!

If you ignore both of our faces and my lovely hair, face and attire, this is a good shot. =) Check out his baby blues!! =D I miss them!

Old photo I found. I love this photo! =)
December 2007.

I'm ready for Christmas and I am super excited for R&R to get here!!!


ACUs and ABCs said...

I like the cards you chose! They work perfect for Hawaii with the palm trees!

Anonymous said...

I love decorating for Christmas! It is my favorite part of the holidays. Ok not my favorite but real close to the top of that list ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Decorate!!! I'm so excited for the Christmas season. I'm going to start decorating this week.

I love those cards!

Lacey said...

i love those pictures!!!

Chantal said...

I almost chose that card! Have you ordered them? I'm having the worst time ordering my cards...

I think you should put the tree where your friend suggested. :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Bill Murray?