06 October, 2010


❊ I love volunteering at the museum.

❊ I'm somewhat envious of people who have a job. Somewhat.

❊ I keep forgetting how different I am from most of my family.

❊ I love that I feel like my husband's family is my own.

❊ I've been having the most random and super creepy/disgusting dreams.

❊ Deployment brain (and yes, that is such a thing) is my worst enemy at the moment.

❊ I'm constantly amazed by the ways God works. He totally rocks my world and continually shows me His awesomeness. I love it.

❊ I want to move because of the monthly power outages, but I'm so over moving.

❊ I'm a lazy bum. I want to lose weight. I want to look hot again (or at least feel that way), but I have zero motivation.

❊ I have a really bad habit of buying books with every intention of reading them and then completely ignoring them.

❊I really need to start on my 2010 scrapbook. You know, considering there's only 2 months left of it.

❊ *gasp* 2 months left of 2010?! YAY!

❊ My dog annoys me. I love him, but he annoys me.

❊ I'm proud that I have made dinner for myself - like actual meals - for the last 2 nights. Go me!

❊ I bought birthday cards for 4 people today at the PX. I stood in the aisle for at least 15 mins, if not more. Why does it take so long to choose?!

❊ Joe's internet has been ridiculous lately. And I love how when I complain about it, there's always someone there saying, "You know... It could be worse." Yes, I know this. Am I not allowed to complain a little bit that my husband's internet isn't cooperating!? *sigh*

❊ I freakin' hate family drama. Can't we all just get along?

❊ I've decided a need a rug and curtains for my living room. It's beach themed. I need help. Suggestions!? Go! =)

❊ I can't wait to get started on a scrapbook for my bestie's little girl, a baby quilt for moi (well, for my future babies), and a lil somethin' for my momma.

❊ My husband also never ceases to amaze me. I think deployment made me forget that he's always got my back. =)

❊ Today was a good day.

❊ I'm loving all of my fave shows this season: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife, Bones... And I'm loving some new ones too! Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-O... Ok, I know there's more I'm not thinking of. {I'm kind of afraid to admit I've been watching Sister Wives... *shudder*}

❊ I stay up too late for my own good. One more reason I hate deployment. =P

❊ I'm attending a conference at church Thurs. - Sat. that's supposed to be nothing short of amazing. I'm gonna be one busy girl this week.

❊ Jasper is finally zonked out beside me. I'm considering relocating to the bed myself. =)

That's all I've got for you tonight. I sure hope you enjoy my randomness!!

Maybe I'll have something more insightful, fun or interesting for you tomorrow.

Hope you had a good Tuesday!


stacie-marie said...

yeah but at least you are getting an it could be worse from someone whose husband is also deployed and not just some random person who has no clue what you are going through :)

stacie-marie said...

and she really was just trying to give you a bright side to the down side <3

Canadianbloggergirl said...

deployement = the right to complain! nuff said for that!

I hear ya on the sister wives thing, I was actually upset that I forgot about it last Sunday!

Have you signed up for my contest yet?

JG said...

Go you for cooking! Gotta stay in practice!

And 2010 scrapbook? Please! I'm still on my 2009....I only JUST got my tape runner! :) Hopefully can make some progress on that now that I don't have a car to run me places and distract me. (I'm trying to spin this in a positive way.)

Oh, Sister Wives. I should watch that show, even though the concept absolutely grosses me out....well, we'll talk alter about why (I think I should watch it).

Jen said...

Definitely go you for cooking!!! My hubby has been gone for a few days and I haven't cooked for myself once haha :)

You have every right to have deployment brain!!

Little Momma said...

I, too have been watching Sister Wives. & I totally believe in deployment brain. I used to get those Domestications catalogs & they had all sorts of beach-themed rugs & things. Worth a look!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe there's only 2 months left in the year. I didn't even realize this until I read it on your list.

Marie said...

I have to admit I watched the first sister wives episode and couldn't turn it off, it's like a car accident you just cant look away from!

11BWifey said...

I kept reading this thinking "OH this is me.. this is me TOO.. I feel the SAME way!!" Especially about all the 'family' topics, and staying up way too late; it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

❊ I'm a lazy bum. I want to lose weight. I want to look hot again (or at least feel that way), but I have zero motivation.
I am right there with you, girl. It's really pathetic because I work at a tanning bed, get free tanning, and I am too lazy to get undressed and LAY there for 15 minutes.. *sigh*

Anywho, I really liked this post :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love random thoughts!