27 October, 2010

I'm Not ADD or Anything

Eh, maybe I'm not but I certainly can't focus on one topic for very long. This is the main reason you're getting another random post today. =) You're welcome, readers.


Remember that really expensive piece of paper I never use? You know the one. It says Sarah ________ B.S. History with Teacher Licensure. There are a few reasons I was able to get that piece of paper. One of them being my uncanny ability to remember obscure dates. 

You see, I have this thing with dates. Once I memorize them, I rarely forget them. Now, I'm not saying you can ask me when such-and-such event happened and I can tell you right off the top of my head. There are over 200 years of American History (which was basically my focus in college), so no, I can't tell you every date. Some, sure. Most, no. 

I can, however, tell you the birthdate of every one of my immediate family members (including Joe's family) and friends. I also know their wedding anniversaries, if they're married. I remember friends' from high school birthdays. Ex-boyfriends' birthdays. Before I had my handy dandy cell phone, I could remember phone numbers like nobody's business. I know my social security number, my husband's (obviously...), my brother's, AND my mom's. I am not even kidding you. Oh, and I can now recite my credit card number on command. (Not that any of you will get this information out of me.) Do I really need to know most of this? Probably not. Can I help myself? Unfortunately not. 

This week, I sent out 3 birthday cards. 2 to friends and 1 to my FIL. {I also reminded my hubby to send his dad a card and call him. Aren't I a good wife?!} Yesterday, JG texted me saying that she got my card. =) I love how excited she was to get it. I honestly can't remember if she told me her birthday, mentioned it on her blog, or if I found it on her FB. Doesn't matter though, because I remember it. So, I thought I'd surprise her with a card. And surprise her I did! She even blogged about it. Hehehe. =) I'm so glad I made her day and gave her "birthday week" a good start. Today, I got a text/email/tweet from Meagan letting me know she got my card. Meagan and I have been friends for years. Not sure why she'd think I wouldn't remember.... ;-) Apparently, I made her day as well. No text from my FIL, but that's ok. I'll probably call him tomorrow anyway. {Yeah, I do that too.} I do find it interesting that JG lives in GA and Meagan lives in AR and JG is the one who got her card first. Does that make sense to anyone?! I'm gonna chalk it up to the craziness of AR. 

So, yeah. I remember dates. Pretty sure I could tell you Joe's ETS date too.... Not that it matters. I could go on, but I think you get my point. I may be a little bit on the crazy side. =)


Hubby's internet has now been down since... Well, I can't remember when. We first thought it was just the internet being finicky, as it usually is in the sandbox. Joe called me earlier today and told me that he followed his line (the cable line) and someone had cut it!!!! Like, with a knife cut it! Who would do such a thing?! Talk about cruel! Then he told me that he's heard rumors that the SGT he gets his internet from kicks Joe (or anyone else) off of Skype when they're on it because it uses so much bandwidth. What. The. Crap. The whole reason he's getting his internet from this guy (who uses satellite instead of what they offer on the base) is so that we can Skype!! It is a rumor as of right now, but Joe said he was going to talk to him tonight. I really hope it's just a rumor. I'm going to be so upset if it turns out to be true. I know for a fact that this SGT Skypes with his wife - we're friends. So, for him to do that to us would just be downright mean. 

I'm really upset about this... Even if it turns out to be a rumor, someone still cut his line. Those things aren't accidental. Sooooo frustrating.


I was watching the local news tonight (which I rarely do), and they showed something that really irritated me. The Honolulu Police Department arrested 3 girls for being late to school this morning, claiming it was truancy. Ummm, excuse me?! I'm beginning to wonder if anyone on this island knows what the crap they're doing! Come to find out, these girls have NO record whatsoever of missing school or being tardy for no reason. None at all. 

Truancy laws are there for the kids that DO miss school all the time. Apparently, this school has issues with truancy and the police are trying to help them crack down. I get it. I do. But these girls were merely late. Not only were they humiliated in front of the school, they were taken to the police department and searched. From what I understand, it wasn't a strip search... Thank God. There is NO REASON for kids who are tardy to be arrested for truancy. Students have to have been absent for DAYS to be considered truant. Not minutes. Days.

The reporter said that the police department said they were just doing their job and that the parents could file a complaint if they felt their children's rights had been exploited. I really hope their parents file a complaint. This is simply ridiculous. The poor girls, too. They're like 16. Can you imagine?! I would have bawled my freakin' eyes out if some cop had sat me down on a curb, arrested me, took me to the police department and searched me.


Someone posted a picture of their Donut of Misery on Fb today which prompted me to take a look at mine. I am happy to report that there is way more green on it than there is red!! Woohoo!!!! There's also a new saying/comment/whatever you wanna call it.

I like it; I like it. =) I'm kind of feeling this way about R&R at the moment. It's like I can see it, but I can't touch it just yet. You know how it is. Plus, we're not 100% sure that we're getting it. He's on the list for the briefing the month before, but he's just on the list. As we know, things can always, always, always change. I've been told that there's a 50% chance we'll get the dates we want. So, I'm 50% excited. That's better than nothing! Though I've been told only to be 50% excited, I went ahead and downloaded the countdown widget for Dashboard. I couldn't help it. I had to. 


Today I realized that maybe my craziness has been inherited. You've heard my stories of misplacing things. Attempting to put the milk in the pantry, the cereal in the fridge, get my microwaved food out of the fridge, and so on. I drop things. I run into walls. {It's a joke around our house that the walls like to jump out in front of me.} I trip on carpet. {Running joke in high school was that the "little man in the carpet" kept tripping me.} I've fallen UP and down steps. I'm the girl who trips on a crack in the sidewalk and pretends like it didn't just happen....and giggle quietly. I've hit my head in the car. I've shut my hair in the car door [when it wasn't long]. I've broken 3 glasses since my husband has been gone. Some of these things I've attributed to deployment brain. Others I've attributed to just being clumsy. 

Today I realized there might be a gene... I was in the car on the way to the museum today when this conversation happened:

Mom: I'm gonna tell you something and you have to promise not to tell anyone. {Mistake #1, Mom. This always means it's good. She doesn't read my blog, so I'm safe. I hope. ;-)}

Me: Ok...

Mom: You know what I reach for when I'm fixing my hair, right?

Me: *thinking really hard* Maybe...

Mom: You know what I do when I'm finished with my hair.

Me: *still trying to figure it out*

Mom: Well, my hairspray can looks a whole lot like the can of Lysol I keep in the bathroom.

Me: Uh huh...

Mom: Well... I grabbed the Lysol can instead of my hairspray and used it. 

Me: *dying laughing*

Mom: I wondered why it smelled different and then I looked at the can.

Me: *still dying laughing*

Mom: *laughing* You think that's pretty funny, huh?

Me: *still laughing* YES!!!! I can't believe you did that! Omg, Mom!

Mom: *laughing* I know! I brushed it out of my hair and I really hope that it doesn't bleach my hair! 

Me: I guess your hair smelled pretty good today. *laughing*

Mom: I'm glad I could give you a good laugh.

Me: Yep, you definitely did! Thanks for that!

So, maybe it runs in the family?!!?! Thank goodness I don't use hairspray! 


Happy Tuesday!!

P.S. Don't forget to send me your photo for the Fall Foto Contest this week!


Lacey said...

Dude who ever cut the cord is a jerk!!!

LivKit said...

Funny funny convo with your Mama, :) Love it, Have a good day!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What?! Who would cut that cord? That's crazy!

MeaganAnne said...

Wow lady...you are more random than I am! :) You and your mom are so funny. Tell her I said hi! Don't forget...I mailed you something today!

Renee said...

Hey, we could sure use you at Thursday Night Trivia!!! Too bad we can't use our cell phones to throughout a life line!

I hate that some ass cut the line to Joe's internet It's bad enough that the internet is expensive & crappy...but to have the line cut...that's poor, poor!

I laughed at your Mom! Sorry...but it was hysterical!

JG said...

You really did make my week! :)

And yeah, your mom - that totally sounds like something I would do. :) That cracks me up.

I can't believe someone cut the cord. Is there any way it could have been an accident??

Jes said...

Last night, I ran face first into a door and thought of you! I saw out of the corner of my eye that the room I was going into was dark, which made sense since it was night time and the light was off...well it turns out the darkness I saw out in my peripheral vision was actually a DOOR! My response was "OUCH! That is so something that Sarah would do". My husband thought I had knocked a screw (or 20) loose as he has no idea who your are, or your clumsy habits ha ha!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love random posts. Total AHOLE cutting the cord. I would kill whoever did it. We have major internet issues with Cody right now but hopefully its nothing like that.