29 October, 2010

Fall Foto Contest: Week Four

Wow, what happened this week?! I suppose it's only fitting to have four entries on week four of the contest. I have to say that I'm a little upset, though. We were getting so many there for a while! It was exciting! However, I do love this week's photos. And many, many kudos to my participants! Thank you! =D Alright, here are this week's entries:

Photo by Lacey

Photo by Amber

Photo by Via

I gotta say - I'm totally in love with the pumpkins!!! I sort of want to get one and carve it for this weekend. I'm not a huge Halloween person, but I do miss the decorations and what-not. My mom used to (well, still does, sort of) put up all kinds of decorations for Halloween...in moderation, of course. We used to go trick-or-treating too. I always enjoyed it. Then I grew up. And I DON'T feel the need to dress up like a hooker or sexy nurse/cop/whatever. I find that super trashy. Anyway. This isn't about my Halloween preferences or experiences. This is about the Fall Fotos!!! 

Please, please, please do your due diligence and check out the poll on the right sidebar so you can vote for your favorite photo! The winner will be placed in the running for a super-cool gift from Hawaii at the end of the contest in November. 

And just because, this is what fall looks like where I grew up. 
This was taken on my mom and dad's front porch.
Please ignore my brother's truck.

It's still Thursday here, but for most of you it is Friday, so....

Happy Aloha Friday!

{Still not 100% sure what that phrase means, but I hear it every Friday. That must mean it's important/cool, right? ;-)}


Goodnight moon said...

Loved all the pics this week. The view from your parents house is amazing!

Skinnie Piggie said...

The pics are fun and festive!!

From what my Hawaiian friends (like "real" ones, not Haole's like us, haha) have told me, "Happy Aloha Friday" is basically their version of T.G.I.F. and most companies allow them to dress casual.

JG said...

Great pictures, all! I love the pumpkins, too. I feel like a loser for not jumping to this. There's just no fall here. :(

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love all of them!