21 September, 2010

Makin' Progress!

On the sewing front, that is. =)

After I watched my beloved Sooners play [and BEAT] the AF on Saturday (*wink, wink*), I was able to Skype with Melissa and get some much-needed instructions on how to finish that sewing machine cover I was working on. Apparently, I had sewn the ribbon on the wrong side. And not just the wrong side either, the completely wrong side. Like the back. How I managed that I have NO idea. But, we managed to fix it and move on with our lives. =) Here is the end result:


This is where the ribbon was supposed to be the first time. =)

This was the most...interesting part. I had to sew the 2 sides together and pin and sew the top so it wouldn't look funky.

 If Melissa hadn't told me what to do, it probably wouldn't have turned out so well. Now, my sewing was still pretty crooked but I think it looks pretty good. And, if nothing else, it serves the purpose of keeping the machine dust-free. Plus, the fabric is super cute! I'm pretty proud of myself if you can't tell. ;-)


I took this photo yesterday and just had to share. It was about 5:00 or so and it was barely sprinkling out. It's really common around here for it to be raining and still be sunny out, which results in some pretty awesome rainbows. Kind of like the one I saw when I let Jasper outside yesterday. =)

Isn't it just gorgeous?! Can you see the double rainbow too? =)
Love. It. 


I started reading Nicholas Spark's new book the other day. You remember, the one I got in the mail. =)

I'm only on chapter 6 so far, but I am loving it!! The main character has what I'm sure is a very interesting back story. I've only learned a little bit about her past so far, but it's interesting. It isn't quite like the usual stories he writes. If you've read anything he's written, (or everything, like I have...) it sort of reminds me of The Guardian. Not the story line, but the suspensefulness of it. Like I said, though, I'm only 6 chapters in. It might change. I thought I'd share my thoughts so far since most of you commented about wanting to read it. You're welcome!! =)


Here's some just plain 'ole randomness for you. I checked my Donut of Misery the other day and was met with a new quote! Yippee!! I was getting tired of seeing "Still a long, long way to go" (gee thanks for that!) so I quit checking it for a while. When I saw this new one it just made me laugh. =)

I don't really understand why this was on my Donut of Misery, but at least it provided me with a good laugh!

Hope y'all had a good Monday! Anything had to be better than mine...


fancypants said...

It's totally cute- good job! I have to say I never thought of making a cover for my machine. My new machine came with a cover, but maybe I can make one for my serger... Thanks for the project ideas!! lol

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Awesome job on the cover! Its really bright and cheerful! You've almost insprired me to get a new machine myself and get back into it. Keep us posted on your crafts!


Kaylee said...

Your sewing machine cover is SUPER cute!!

JG said...

Nice work! One day I'll have to get in on this sewing thing. :)

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

Your cover is adorable! And I read his new book and thought it was awesome! If you love it already I'm sure you will love it until the very end!

Kaycee said...

Love the idea! Very cute! And the rainbow pic is beautiful!! I have seen SOO many double rainbows this year it's crazy!

Paula Kathlyn said...

You did a mawwwvelous job!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You are doing awesome at sewing!!!

Stacy said...

Love the sewing cover! So cute!

I have the latrine thing on my deployment donut too. I don't get it either, but I was excited to see it said something else. :)

Melanie said...

Hey! I check out your blog now and then... looks like we are pcsing to hawaii in a few months so I tracked down some army wife hawaii blogs ;). Anyway, I like to sew, crochet and quilt. Your cover looks great! Keep it up!