11 September, 2010

Have we Forgotten?

No matter how much time passes, I think we will always remember 9.11.01. As FDR said about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, "It is a day that will live in infamy." 

For generations to come, we will be asked "Where were you on 9.11?" Just like our grandparents are asked "Where were you when the bombing of Pearl Harbor happened?" And our parents are asked, "Where were you when JFK was shot?"  

We all remember the day that it happened. What we experienced before, during and after hearing the news. We remember the lives that were lost and the families that were affected. 

But, do we remember the pulling together of this nation? Do we remember the signs posted everywhere that said "God Bless the USA"? Do we remember the thousands of people gathering together and praying for the families of those who lost loved ones? Do we remember the day when President Bush stood at Ground Zero and was surrounded by the first responders? Do we remember the chanting, "USA! USA! USA!"? 

What happened to those people? What happened to the people standing firm behind our nation's military as we forged into battle? What happened to the people who proudly waved their flags, happy to live in the land of the free and the home of the BRAVE? Where did they go? When will they come back? 

Today, I hope that everyone remembers that 9.11 was the sole event that launched us into a war against terrorism. It isn't about money, power, politics or oil. It's about protecting the freedom that every. single. American takes for granted.

May God continue to watch over and bless this great nation!

{And in case you'd like to know where I was on 9.11 and how it has affected me since then, visit the article I wrote for Wives in Bloom (the online magazine of Christian Military Wives Ministry), entitled From Teenage Girl to Soldier's Wife.}


Just a Girl said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Sarah Ruth said...

THANK YOU for posting this! Very beautifully written.

Mandy said...

You're post made me tear up. I havent looked at any pictures of that day since it happend. I was in 7th grade at the time and I didnt understand the gravity of what had just happened. Looking at those pictures just made me so sick to my stomach. I feel so much pride for all the men and women out there fighting for our freedom. Thank you for this post, it was a real eye opener.