06 August, 2010

A Stream of Consciousness

Ah, today... It was an interesting day... Ok, well maybe for me. =)

This afternoon, I made my way to the museum on post. Why, you ask? I'm volunteering there!

Remember that pesky degree I worked my butt off for? Well, there's a reason I got that seemingly useless history degree. I love history. Love, love, love it! I think I'd kind of forgotten that. I suppose between the time we went to Charleston, SC and wondered around for hours downtown and moving here...my passion sort of got lost. It's not like I didn't have a lot going on: moving to Hawaii, spending a month in a hotel, finding out Joe was getting deployed, getting a house, waiting for our HHG, dealing with pre-deployment stress, actually moving in, accepting the fact that he was leaving, surviving those first few days, hanging out with my bestie... Yeah. It makes sense how I would forget my love for history.

I was actually planning on volunteering for ACS (Army Community Services for you non-Army lovelies) while Joe was gone. But, I was a lazy bum and didn't hand in the paperwork for like a month. So, by the time I handed it in they were already full with volunteers. Way to go, Sarah! Well, I went in to ACS and one of the women who works their was nice enough to give me a list of a bunch of other places to volunteer. There were several winners on the list, but it was the museums/historical places that caught my eye. Since everything else was near Pearl Harbor or Honolulu, I decided to call the museum on post. Quick drive, close to home, close to basically everything. Plus, it gives me another reason to be on post and see those uniforms. ;-) Lol!

I got a call from them this past weekend and got everything all set up! I went in on Tuesday for the grand tour. It was really awesome to see the inner-workings of a museum. Now, it's definitely not a big museum and they don't have a lot of resources (financially speaking), but it's still a museum. The curator (person in charge of the museum) just inherited her position and the guy who I mainly work with has only been there for two months. So, a lot of things are going to be changing. And I am excited about it! Why? I get to help! Right now, I'll just be working with scanning and organizing documents into their computer database. But since I have that lovely degree, I'll be able to do more things, too. They're hoping to get iPads set up in the museum soon. You know, for interactive purposes. First of all, I just think that's awesome. Second, he - let's call him D - told me that he might have me do some research for content for the iPads!!!! =D Ok, I know that's not exciting for those of you who think history is a boring waste of time. But, for me who lives to experience history, it is beyond amazing!! Not to mention that I got to examine and hold documents from WWII today. Oooooh yeah! Be jealous. =)

I was beyond thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed my whopping two hours of volunteer work.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, one phone call from the hubby (YAY!) and 2 bugs trying to scare the life out of me later, I have no idea where I was going with that statement. Oh well! At least I got a phone call! It's been a while since I heard his voice, so I was super excited. Obviously. =)

I was actually on a rollercoaster of emotions this evening. The phone call helped a lot. Joe and I can email pretty often, but phone calls are kind of rare. Hopefully, they'll be a little more frequent because his work schedule is changing. Anyway, things haven't been on the easy side here lately but I'm hoping things are going to brighten up. God has a plan and I just have to trust that He knows best and will lead the way. Easier said than done most days, but I have hope. =)

Trying to get Jasper here is proving to be a pain again... I just remembered that my SIL has to mail me his health certificate before he gets here. Problem: he gets the health certificate at the last vet appointment. Which is scheduled for a couple days before he flies here. Well, will fly here. I have yet to book his flight. I know. I'm a serious slacker. =/ But, I have to call and reschedule his appointment tomorrow because my SIL has a time conflict. It's not really a big deal, though. I totally understand why that day doesn't work for her. It's just that I have to get up early enough to call them before they close. 6 hours makes a really big difference when you're scheduling stuff and they close at 4p.m. their time. *sigh* I'm sure it'll all work out and he'll be here before I know it. I hope. =)

I think it's getting close to bedtime and my brain is refusing to focus. So, on that note, I hope y'all had a good day!!



Anonymous said...

YAY! for volunteering! I think volunteering at the post museum sounds like tons of fun!

Chantal said...

I am a bit jealous! I was going to volunteer there and use my own history degree, but I never got around to it... silly me. Now I don't even know if I'll have time, though what you're doing sounds like so much fun.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is so exciting!! How fun!

Kathryn said...

What a great job!! We have a museum her on base too, and I always take family and friends to see it when they visit. I would love to see pics of yours! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great about the volunteering and the phone call!! I hope everything gets worked out with Jasper!

Marie said...

Thats so great that you've found your love for history again and found a place to volunteer! It will help the days go by quicker. I hope things work out quickly and Jasper can be there soon!