26 August, 2010

Randomness Along with Some Hilarity

But first, the randomness. =)

I was attacked by World's Largest Cockroach this morning. And by attacked I mean it was waiting for me to get up and out of my bedroom. I'm pretty sure I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and it was there, but I honestly can't remember. I barely remember going to the bathroom. I took a benadryl before I went to bed because I'm pretty sure Jasper brought some good 'ole NC pollen with him. I'm incredibly allergic to the 5 billion trees that are in NC. Anyway. Jasper wanted to eat it (of course), and I yelled at him before he could touch the nasty sucker. I ran out of the hallway and into the kitchen for my handy-dandy notebook! bug spray. I sprayed the heck out of that thing, hoping it was dead but of course I wouldn't have that kind of luck. I left it there for a while, but Jasper kept wanting to play with/eat it, so I figured it'd be a good idea to remove it. Brilliance struck, and I realized I have a vacuum cleaner. =P I would just suck the nasty thing up and not have to deal with it until I empty the filter, which doesn't happen that often. I busted out my trusty vacuum and attempted to use the attachment. The farther away I stand, the better. FAIL #1. Attachment doesn't suck very well. =( I freaked, ran to the living room and sat down. (I know, I'm a big baby.) Then, I decided I'd run the vacuum over it. FAIL #2. Apparently, my vacuum doesn't like the hardwood floors. It was worth a shot, though, right? So, on attempt #3 I decided to sweep it out the front door. I opened the door, propped open the screen door, grabbed the broom and swept it out the front door. Success!!!! =D I then proceeded to call Maintenance to have Pest Control come out. Ain't NO WAY I'm having gihugic roaches in MY house. They haven't called me back though... I'll be calling them tomorrow, rest assured.


My car is being funny. =( After volunteering today, I started it. Well, I attempted to. It's been doing this weird thing on and off for a while.... You know the sound your car makes when you start it? Ok, well, mine does that twice every once in a while and then it officially starts. Annoying, but eh. Well, today when that happened, it DIED. Just died. Ok.... So, I attempted to start it again. Same thing happened, but when it started to sort of sputter, I revved the engine a bit and all was well. What the heck?! I called my dad - of course - and it could be one a few things. 1) Spark plugs - pretty easy fix, 2) Starter - expensive and totally not cool, 3) Timing Belt - could be the worst of the 3. Dad said that if #3 happens, my car will NOT start and will have to be towed. =( Yikes!!! Sooooo... I have to go get it checked out. Awesome. {And I completely forgot to fill Joe in on this when I talked to him tonight. *sigh*}


Yesterday, JG passed this little lovely along to me. =)

Haha =) Isn't it cute?! I love it! Thanks, JG!!!!!

So, the rules are...

A) Thank the person who sent it to you (Check)
B) List 3 things your readers might not know about you
C) Pass it along to 3 other sassy bloggers!

1. I am dying to go to London. Thanks to one of my FB friends who posted pictures, the "itch" has returned with a vengeance.
2. 'NSYNC was my favorite boy band back in the day. =)
3. I sleep with a mask on, not because I need it but because I freak myself out with all the shadows and the lights in the house. Oh, the paranoia of a lonely Milie. =P

So, the lucky sassy bloggers are...

2. A Marines' Wife @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots


And now, for the hilarity. =)

Since I decided that Jasper brought NC pollen with him to Hawaii, I gave him a bath tonight. I always ask him, "Do you wanna take a bath?" To which he usually gets really, really excited. So, I went to the bathroom and started getting things ready: towel, doggie shampoo, cup and ran the water til it got warm. The tub started filling up and Jasper was still excited. 

See? Excited. He kept jumping up on me. =)

This was taken moments before I picked him up and he attempted to hang on to the bath rug for dear life. I guess he finally remembered what the bath was. =)

So, the bath went well...as far as dog baths go. He attempted to jump out of the tub twice. I told him he could get out of the tub before I realized he was still sorta soapy. Of course, when he finally did get out of the tub, he shook off twice. *sigh* At least the towel was covering most of him. =) Ooooh and when I broke out the hair dryer (I don't like him sitting on the couch all wet), you would have thought I was torturing him! I don't know what his issue is with the hair dryer... Anyway. I finally set him free and caught the hilarious aftermath on video. Seriously, you have to watch this!!!! I know it's sort of long, but I don't think you'll regret it! And please forgive the shaking of the camera. I was trying not to laugh hysterically. =)


Hope you had a good Hump-Day! =)


A Marine's Wife! said...

nsync was my favorite too haha. Thanks girlie!

Did you get the dress yet?

Stephanie, Dance Trance Winston Salem said...

I just relocated to NC from FL with my husband and have been the snottiest mess with allergies. Love the pretty trees but it's killing me! Any advice how to deal?

Love the video! What kind of dog mix? Mine has the same coloring and shape but is twice the size. She also hates baths and will cling to shower curtain the entire time. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, I could not imagine having to deal with a cockroach! I had a centipede jump out of my drawer the other day and almost had a heart attack haha. Love the video, too cute!

Nicole said...

Loved the video! My dog acts the same way after bath time! Oh and I loved Nsync too! haha

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

So funny!!! He's adorable :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Bugs completely freak me out so I would have been trying to get ride of that roach too! Your dog is too funny!

ACUs and ABCs said...

haha! While I was watching the video, my cat starting running between rooms, just like Jasper was doing!

stacie-marie said...

You may just need a new battery.. I have had a few friends when moving oconus who when getting there car it worked just fine and then after a few weeks-couple months the battery just dies.. fixed the battery and everything has been ok since.. gotta remember it was sitting on a boat not being turned on for weeks so it lost juice

Miranda said...

I think he's VERY happy to be with his Momma! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award! Your dog is adorable, my dog does the same thing. His face is so cute!

Hannah said...

Ah yes, welcome to the island. AKA the land of giant bugs!