23 July, 2010

Friday Randomness

Don't you just love it when I do posts like this?! ;-)

First things first, y'all are totally slacking in the Q&A department. I got two questions yesterday, two! Sad. =( I'd really like to do a Q&A post since, well, I bypassed my 200th post without realizing and and because I have a bunch of new followers! I'm also thinking of doing a "get to know you" post in the near future. There are so many of you I don't know! That said, please please please leave me a comment with a question. =)

Now that we're done with that... There's another little teeny thing I want to address. Some of you lovelies have given me blog awards and I may or may not have been a terrible blogger and have forgotten to post them. Uh, woops. I really, really do appreciate them! I've just been such a slacker lately. =P


Yesterday, I had my first doctor's appointment here in Hawaii. It was interesting, to say the least. First let me say that TriCare assigned me a civilian doctor even though I'm on Prime. Why? You got me. Supposedly, when we moved here the clinic on post was closed. Why they couldn't assign me at Tripler, I have no idea. Now that the clinic on post is open, they don't have room. *sigh* So, I'm just rolling with it. The building that the doctors office is in is a shopping center. Um, okay... It looked nice when I walked in, so I was a bit relieved. Then, they took me back into a room. :-/  It looked clean, but it was old. Like the bed thing had rips and tears, the tile in the floor had a big opening in it and everything else just looked dingy. *sigh*

It gets better. My doctor is a resident. This office is a teaching facility. My first thought: They've got to be hurting for doctors here. The resident was super sweet...and young. I don't really have an issue with that. I mean, everyone has to learn right? So, she goes through my history and everything as usual. Then she starts examining my knee. My knee has been killing me all week. I've had issues with it before so at this point, I was just ready to have someone tell me what's wrong. She looks at my knee and messes with it - checking tendons and ligaments. {I totally loved that she explained to me what those were. I didn't go to med school, but I'm not stupid, sweetie.}

After that, she went to talk to her attending {I so felt like I was in an episode of Grey's or something} about my wacko knee. then she comes back and examined my knee. She was supposed to measure the angle at which my knees and femurs hit, but apparently they don't have that sort of technology here. {See? Told you it gets better.} Really? Ya don't have a ruler or yardstick? Whatever. Anyway, the attending came in later and explained to me what I have: a deformed kneecap. Go me! Basically, my right kneecap is a little to the left and tilted. So, when I walk it rubs the bone underneath. Hence the pain! The cure: leg lifts and ibuprofen. So, basically what I'd been doing before only now I have a specific exercise to do. The 30 degree leg lifts will help strengthen a muscle in my quad. The attending said that if that muscle is strong enough, it will actually pull the kneecap back to where it should be. I guess I have doctor's orders to get my butt back in the gym. Joy.


I'm super excited about tomorrow!! I have a coffee and chocolate date with my new friend, Miranda! =D We set the date last night because we just can't wait to hang out. I have a feeling it's going to be a little scary how much we have in common. And I totally love that she already invited me to her house for Thanksgiving for a day of yummy food and football. =) Maybe this place will become "home" after all. At least for a few years. 


Another reason I'm excited for the weekend: Netflix! I got an email today {after finally returning DVDs I had} and I'm getting the final disc of Bones season 3 and Father of the Bride 2! Woohoo! Did I share my frustration with you about the whole Bones thing? I was watching season 3 on instant, and I was going to select the next episode when I realized it said "available on disc only." What?! I searched and searched and searched to see if there was any way I could watch it online. No luck. Apparently, there was an issue with the last disc? I'm thinking writer's strike, maybe. Who knows. I couldn't even download the last 4 episodes. Whatev. So, I've been waiting a while to watch those last four episodes. What makes it even worse, is that season 4 is on instant too. I couldn't watch the new season without finishing the previous one - that would just be wrong! I don't think it's very nice of them to do that to you. Not cool, Netflix. But, now I have 2 things to watch this weekend! I *heart* Netflix. {And no, they're not paying me to say that. =)}


Baby fever is rearing it's ugly head again. Yesterday with the doctor asking me if I'm sexually active {which makes me wonder if she even glanced at my chart...I am married...that means I'm at lease somewhat sexually active!} and then today with my SIL, Anna, asking me if I'm prego. Thanks a lot, sis! =P I also keep watching episodes of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant which totally doesn't help. Any time I feel funky, I'm like Oh gosh. I wonder if I'm prego. Especially with the weird heartburn out of nowhere yesterday. But, AF showed up this month {without me being on the pill} so who knows? Definitely not me.


I really need to get to workin' on my projects. I have a thing to make a calendar. {Deployment calendar?} And then I've started my patriotic wreath...I seriously need to get on that one. Which one should I do first?

Hope y'all have a good weekend!! =D



David and Sarah said...

First off, I LOVE your purse! I saw one the other day at a Yellow Ribbon Conference and was ecstatic about it! And whether you decide to do the deployment calendar or the patriotic wreath first, you should DEFINITELY post pics! :) It sounds fun! And I have a question for you!! What are some of your favorite television shows to watch (other than Bones!)??

JG said...

I love randomness :) It's good that the dr. doesn't think you need surgery. That's the same thing that was wrong with my brother, but his were so bad they need to be moved.

And just as an aside, the best Optometrist I ever had was in the ghetto mall in OKC. Strange but true.

I have such mixed feelings about football season. I hate not having SoldierMan here, but then he wasn't here for it last year either. Hopefully I can have some game day get-togethers here on kickoff weekend, if there are other girls into it. I know what you mean about enjoying people's reactions when you start talking football. My hairdresser guy, he asked if I was a Sooner fan (being from Oklahoma) and I said yeah, and he mentioned that we had a bad year last year, and I said, yeah, but this year we've got Landry and he's had a year to basically practice and build up, it'll just be a matter if they can build a team around him...and he said, "Wow, you really are a fan." It was funny. :)

You know what helps stave off baby fever? (Other than hubby being gone?) Not knowing where you are heading for the next 3 years. :) I'm glad we waited, now. I can IMAGINE being pregnant in this Georgia summer. But it's crazy how much the Army brings it out of you. I think it's the desire to always have a piece of him around, even if you can't have him.

And I'll think of some questions, I promise! :)

The McGriff's said...

Oh, Tricare. I wonder why they couldn't send you to Tripler? Even I was assigned to Tripler when, get this, we were living in TEXAS! Yes, that is right. Somehow they had me in the system as assigned to Tripler (I wanted to fake sick just to go to Hawaii!! ha!) and then it gets better. I was also listed as being my husbands firstborn child. Hmmmm... makes me wonder sometime!

The Tucci's! said...

1. I love Q&A posts!!! Let me think of some questions.. :-)
A. What's your favorite movie?
B. Who's your favorite band?
C. What kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?

2. ha ha - I couldn't help but laugh while reading your Dr experience. ;-) I've had similar experiences and I sometimes wonder if I'm not being taped for some sort of comedy show. ;-)

3. I'm SO excited about our DATE tomorrow! Especially after seeing your Godiva finds from Facebook! MY little man loves going to Starbucks with me.. so he's gonna be excited too when he sees where we are ;-) Ever since we made our plans I have been CRAVING chocolate like a crazy person!! I'm so tempted to go get Starbucks TONIGHT.. even though I'm gonna get it again tomorrow! LOL

4. Ahh.. baby fever! I kinda have it myself. Next year is "our year" for having another one.. Lord willing. ;-) It might be fun to be pregnant with a friend.. hint hint ;-)

Allie said...

Hey girl! I have something for you on my blog! Go look! :)

Stacey said...

What a pain with the doctor! Can you request another civilian doc off post?

allissa said...

Okay, reading your post, the Physical Therapist in me almost peed my pants! Your DR is a quack, you kneecap isn't deformed, it's just the VMO (one of the muscles that crosses over your quad) is weak, and it slides! She was right about the rotated leg raises, but there is a bunch of other stuff you could do too!

It happens to so many people, I have patients with the same problem all the time! If you want to know any other exercises or have any other questions let me know! :)

PS I have to tell you, I LOVED the ACU purse. SO CUTE!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh lovebug I am so sorry about the doctor!! On a different note, totally feel you on the baby hunger. Of course. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the doctor. I hope that it gets resolved soon! There have been plenty of times that I have had the tickle of baby fever but I have to remind myself that I'm not married... yet! =)