17 June, 2010

Moving In...Again!

Today has been a very long day and I am soooo tired!

I got up at 7 this morning which isn't exactly early, but it isn't late either! The ACS furniture people came at 8:10 to pick up their oh-so crappy furniture. Never in my life have I been happier to see furniture walk out the door. =) Then, I proceeded to sit on my toosh on the air mattress, watch tv, and Skype with my bestie while I waited for the movers to show. I felt like booty this morning too. I think my allergies are acting up because - for the first time since we've been here - they mowed our grass yesterday. Shouldn't this be a bi-monthly sorta thing? Anyway.

The movers showed up just after 11. I was pretty shocked too. The time frame they gave me was 11-1, so I figured they'd be here noon-ish. I'm not complaining, but I was shocked. It took them 2 loads to get all of our stuff here. Not exactly sure how that happened, but whatev. The first go-'round, they brought 2 of our 5 crates. After they unloaded those [onto my driveway], the driver went back to pick up the other three boxes. It took them no time to unload the first 2 crates. Actually, I felt like it didn't take them long to unload anything. Probably because one of our Hawaiian fellows was a hoss. I was pretty impressed because I've seen a lot of, er, large men around here but I never really expected them to be that strong. =) Lol! He had some serious personality too. I suppose, though, if you don't have fun doing your job it could make your day long and tiring. He was nice. It took them a total of 3.5 hours to unload everything, including the time they waited for Mr. Driver to get back with our last 3 crates. Again, I was pretty impressed.

You wouldn't think that watching 3 guys unload your stuff would be tiring, but I'm seriously wiped out! We did manage to unpack the kitchen and set up our TV and entertainment center, so I suppose that's something. =) Oh, and I cooked dinner. It wasn't much, but hey, it was dinner. And my hubby never has a problem eating pizza for, well, any meal.

As proof of my tiredness, I leave you with these awesome mini-conversations Joe and I had tonight. =)

Me: What time is it? {Trying to set the time on our microwave}
Joe: Looks at his watch. It's 1915
Me: Trying to decode military time in my head. Ok, so it's 1715.
Joe: Laughing hysterically
Me: What?
Joe: Military time doesn't translate into military time. Still laughing.
Me:What did I say?
Joe: You said 1715.
Me: Now laughing at myself because I'm so tired Oh! Well, I'm tired! Crap! What time is it?! ... Oh, 7:15, that's what I meant!
Joe: continues to laugh at me...


Me: Ugh, where should we put these knifes?! Nothing looks right over here.
Joe: laughing at me again
Me: doesn't understand why he's laughing...
Joe: It's knives not knifes.
Me: I know...
Joe: That's not what you said.
Me: Well what did I say?
Joe: laughing You said knifes.
Me: Oh. I'm tired! Leave me alone! =P

Yup. Moving is so much fun.
I'll try to take pictures of the house [even though it's a mess] tomorrow so you can see what it looks like with our furniture instead of the 70s Hawaiian furniture. =)



JessRaquel said...

I'm glad you finally got your stuff! I'm feeling you on feeling like poop, at first I thought it was allergies messing me up but somehow I just acquired a cold in 100 degree heat... Weird.

annoyed army wife said...

Moving is so fun? I detect a bit of sarcasm there. When we move I get my Queen chair set up - let me describe for you. A lawn chair in the driveway, a bottle of fruity wine, and a good book. The day only improves with that combo; it doesn't matter how many boxes they drop or what they break. You should try it.

JG said...

hahaha! That's hilarious. :) We don't use "army time" at home...I'm not so good at the math. :)

Staci said...

HAHA! I love the "conversations" you had! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award over at Samantha's (Navy Doll) blog! I'm not sure if you already follow her or not, but she would like everyone who is nominated to follow her blog. You can check her out at http://navydoll87.blogspot.com/2010/06/navy-doll-presents-readers-choice.html :)

A Soldier's Princess said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! I laughed when I read this post! I love when you said 1715. That is totally something I would say after a long day! My hubby is always laughing at me when I say things wrong! =)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! I'm glad that you guys finally got your stuff all moved in!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Ha ha ha! So funny! I'm so glad you have your stuff!!