10 May, 2010

What Does It Mean, Really?

To be a Military Spouse; what does it mean?

It means that those vows I took almost 2 years ago are more real to me than ever. Especially the "'til death do us part" portion.

It means that I get to live what most women would die before doing - having a long distance relationship with my husband.

It means supporting my husband. I may not like that his job requires him to leave and be put in danger, but he needs my support.

It means meeting officers, supporting all our military members, and defending them to the general public because they are now my brothers and sisters.

It means washing ACUs, finding the velcro patches, buying new boots, and missing all of those things when he leaves.

It means learning a new language - Army speak.

It means translating this new language to both our families and friends.

It means learning to lean on God more because He's the one who keeps my husband safe and carries me through it all.

It means moving to a different time zone, state, or country.

It means having sad days, bad days, and great days...all in the same week.

It means phone calls from "unknown" and my heart skipping a beat just because I can hear his voice.

It means getting a letter from him in the mail and sitting down immediately to read it and find out how he is.

It means writing to him every night just so I feel like I've talked to him.

It means that I have to work out every day just to get through the anger and sadness. (Which, thank God, also leads to a smaller waist!)

It means holding my puppy (because we don't have babies) and crying...while he's trying to scramble out of my arms to play.

It means thanking God that my Soldier is safe, when many others never made it home to hug their families.

It means telling Joe that I love him 9 million times a day because I don't know when the last time will be.

It means praying and hoping and hoping and praying.

It means putting on a brave face because I don't want him to see that I'm really falling apart.

It means telling him everything is fine and that I can handle it when I really can't.

It means that it is very possible that I will give birth to our children without my best friend and love of my life present. It means I may have to single-handedly raise our children for one year a time.

It means that I cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner playing and see the flag waving in the air.

It means that while the Army calls me a "dependent," I have to be independent. An independent, married woman.

It means becoming "Mrs. Fix It" and bug killer even though I hate doing those chores.

It means being part of a sisterhood that you're not in, 'til you're in it. Being in this sisterhood is possibly the best part of being a Military Spouse. This sisterhood goes beyond blood, branch and rank. It offers more love, support, and amazing friendship than I ever could have imagined. I am thankful and proud to be a part of this sisterhood.

This is what being a Military Spouse means to me.

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Erin said...

Love this post!

Amber said...

Very well said. Your hubby is so lucky to have you!

Christina said...

Great Post! I'm so glad you entered the contest!

I know all about acting strong for him, and crumbling on the inside. It's hard on my husband to see me upset or hurting, so for him I am strong. But I honestly don't think it's just for me. I think it helps me. It forces me to deal with the separation and hard times on my own, and Forcing a smile for a while can really help to turn things around. And smiles are contagious, never know when someone else could use one too! :D