09 March, 2010

Throwing in the Towel?

I seriously considered this as I was running my behind off on the elliptical this morning. I don't like feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest or the burn in my lungs. But, dang it, I like the results I get when I do run! I think the combination of running and doing Pilates has been great the last two-ish months. Because here are the results, ladies (and gents???):

This was me in July '09 - my birthday party. 
*sigh* I was not the hottest ever...

So, today while I was running and thinking of getting my butt of that elliptical and giving up...this is what I saw.
 I have my cute toosh back! =D It disappeared in those size 12 pants...and now, it has returned! {And no, I did not stop running to take this pic.}

Look at that! Ok, so I'm a little vain. But, I'm proud.

See? Those size 12's are baggy! =D

So, I don't think I'll be throwing in the towel...no matter how much I want to quit. I miss my size 2 body. But, I've decided that it's probably not going to come back and I'm ok with that. I'll 'settle' for a 6. =) Oh, and for the record, the "before" picture was one of very few. I never noticed that I hid from the camera because I was ashamed of my size. No more! =)

Before I wrap up this little post solely focused on me and my fat loss, I have news of a giveaway! If you are anything like me, I'm always entering giveaways praying that I'll win something. =) I rarely do, but it's fun anyway! I found a little giveaway at the Lady Bloggers Society. This is for all ladies who want to meet other ladies...and for giveaways...and meet & greets..that sorta thing. I'm seriously excited about joining! I think y'all should head on over there and sign up to win a fabulous bag {come on, who doesn't want a new bag?!} and a few other awesome things! And when they ask who sent you, tell them Sarah at GI Joe's Wife! Please, and thank you!

Hope you had a fantastic Tuesday and hopefully your Wednesday will be just as nice!



JG said...

Nothing motivates like results! :) Good work!

tootie said...

Good work!! You look great!