29 March, 2010

Moovin' Monday!

Last time! (Is anyone else having trouble getting pictures to load on here? Weird.)

The rules:
1. No fast food.
2. 3 workouts a week
3. Join up!

Well, I did not do so good this week. Started out alright, and went straight to FAIL. I did a new pilates video on Monday last week which killed my poor legs, arms, and toosh. I took Tuesday off to recover and ran 30 mins on the elliptical on Wednesday. Thursday, I had to get up and around too early and if you know me...early and working out don't mix. Friday, I had all intentions of doing pilates...but my throat decided to hurt and that was the end of that. This weekend was full of fast food because I didn't feel like cooking. Oops.

I'm going to do my best to get back on the bandwagon this week. I didn't work out today [because I'm still feeling kinda rough], but I'm hoping to get back to it tomorrow! No fast food either. =)

I have another lil something to blog about, but I'm thinking that will be another post. Maybe even tonight. It seems that my brain (and possibly my body) works better at night, so maybe I'll feel like getting to it then.

Hope you're having a happy Monday!



WordsByKatie said...

Oh, how motivation always seems to elude me too.

ps-- Check out your blog award in my post for today!

Birdie said...

I've been saying how in shape I'm going to get during this deployment, and it's been months. I've got to get going or he'll be back and I still won't know where my other running shoe is!!