10 February, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Valentine's Day Edition

So, here's my rendition of a Wordless Wednesday post. Enjoy!

So, I'm finally showing you my Valentine's Day candy heart wreath! It's been finished for over a week now. And it's hanging very pretty on my door. I'm sure my neighbors are envious of it's cuteness!! Or maybe not...but it's still cute! I know it's late for any of you to make one, but you could always use it next year! Or, you could sit down for a whole day, make it and hang it! Either way, I hope you enjoy the pics! Tomorrow, I'll be sure and post pics of the card I made for Joe and made little project for him. Heehee! Just so I'm being honest, I got the idea for this wreath here.


Anonymous said...

i love this!! i'm going to try and do this with robbie and michael next year!

JG said...

That's very impressive! Nice work :)