15 February, 2010

aTypical Monday

Today was the last day of the blessed 4 day weekend. =( I hate to see it go. I hated to take Joe back to the barracks tonight. Sleeping in the bed alone is torture. 4 day weekends spoil me, go to quickly, and make me feel like he should be here with me all the time. I know I should be thankful that I get to see him every day, but still. No fair!

We had a great weekend though! We drove up to NC on Friday...after about 4 hours of me being really slow getting ready to leave. We had wanted to leave earlyish, but since the appearance of the new 1st SGT and his jerkness, that did not happen. Had we slept in the same bed Thursday night, gotten to bed at a decent hour, and woken up together...it might have happened. So, we didn't get to NC until 4:30. We unpacked the car, said "hello" to his grandparents and then headed up to see Anna and my niece! =D I missed them so much! It was nice to chat for a little while before Jason (her hubby) got home and baby needed feeding. Jason's sister and brother in law also happened to come into town Friday, so we all went out to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Japanese place. YUM!  I still can't believe that Eden barely made a peep at dinner. She's so precious!

Saturday, Anna, Joanna and I went to get pedicures {but Joanna has a thing about her feet being touched...she got a manicure}! I had given Anna a little IOU/coupon thingy for a pedicure, so we all went. =) Fun times with the girls at the nail salon! I miss being close so we can do stuff like that. *sigh* I need girlfriends that actually live close! Anyway, after nails we went to the grocery store to get sandwich goodies for the boys and us to eat lunch. I'm telling you, those sandwiches were better than Subway! Or maybe it was just because we were having a good time together....either way, yum! We hung out at Dave's (Anna's father in law...I know it can get confusing) until it was time for weekly Pizza Night at Grammy's! This little tradition started when Sarabeth (Joe's oldest sister), my nephew, and Joe and I moved to NC. Every week, usually on Sunday night, we all meet at Grammy's for pizza and fun family time. Because Joe and I were heading back to GA on Sunday, we moved it to Saturday. Joe's favorite food is pizza, so he was beyond thrilled.

After pizza, all of the "kids" (Anna, Joanna, Tim, Joe and me...and Eden...) headed back to Anna's for a round of Quelf. If you have never played this game, run - do not walk - to the nearest store, buy this game and round up a few close friends to play it with. This game is pure hilarity! Beware though, you will be humiliated...at least a couple times! We were up until pretty close to midnight playing this game and laughing hysterically. I'll just give you one little peek into our night of crazy. One of the cards someone drew was a "global rule", meaning it applies to all players. The rule stated that every time any of us made eye contact with each other, we had to both say "trippy." If we didn't, we paid the penalty. Yeah. And Joanna had to talk like a pirate. *Awesome!* Here are a few pictures from the craziness that is Quelf.
Tim had to stay under the table until his next turn. =D

Meet Purp. Tim's sock puppet. Oh, what you do to avoid penalties.

"There ain't no way I'm puttin' on that dress!"

I had to put my left hand in a bowl of warm water until my next turn.

The "foot falling asleep" dance.

These are just a few pics of the hilarity.

Sunday, we sadly drove back to GA. =( Despite leaving, we had a pretty good day. We got back "home" around 3, rested for a bit, and then went to dinner at Olive Garden. I was craving me some Italian style food, and those bread sticks were calling my name! I had an amazing glass of wine with dinner too. I'm not usually a wine fan, so the fact that I loved this one just made my night! After dinner, we were so overwhelmed with the masses of people out and about that we decided to rent a redbox flick instead of fighting the crowds to see Valentine's Day. And, we got some Ben & Jerry's.....mmmmmm! I big puffy heart Ben & Jerry's double chocolate brownie whatever. Soooooo good! Anyway, we had a decent VDay. Today, after Joe sold his Nintendo DS to some Craigslist guy, he stopped and bought me a half dozen pink roses. =D I was a little disappointed that I didn't get them yesterday so excited to get them! I immediately took pictures of them and put them in my pretty crystal pitcher vase. =) 

We also went to see Valentine's Day this afternoon. It was really good! Not exactly what I'd thought it was going to be, but it was great! I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it, but it's definitely a chick-flick must see. So, that was my weekend!

Oh, and I have to show you a few pics of Uncle Joe and Eden...wearing the "I Love Auntie" shirt I bought for her!
This is just one of those that makes you say "awwww!"

Apparently, Eden thinks Uncle Joe is hilarious. =)

Gotta love this one!

And if you haven't yet, you need to go here and see gorgeous professional pics of my beautiful niece! I'm going to add this to every post until I get a comment of how pretty she is! ;-) Heeheehee!


JG said...

What a fun weekend :) And yes, your niece is a doll!

The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Award at my blog!