13 November, 2009

Dear US Army...

Why are you making my life miserable?!

First, you entice my husband to join your ranks. Then, you take him to GA for 10 weeks for serious training during which time I was not allowed to communicate with him except through letters. Now, you take him to AIT and tease me with phone calls, text messages, and weekends together.

And if that weren't enough, you are trying to keep me from moving to be with him while he is in AIT!!! There's the mounds and mounds of paperwork, classes he's required to be in, formations he has to report to, and the battle buddy required to go anywhere on base. All these things keep him from setting things up for me to move there!! Then, today, I find out that it's possible you won't even pay for us to move twice in the same fiscal year! Seriously?! I thought family was important to the Army! It seems to me like you're doing everything in your power to keep us apart as much as possible! Is it not enough that we haven't lived together in over 3 months? Is it not enough that we've seen each other for about 4 weekends since July 22?! Not only that, once you've gotten him out of AIT, you could deploy him to the desert and keep him there for entirely too long. Do you hate me?

All I want is to be able to move twice in the same year, because that's where you're telling my beloved husband to go. I want to be with him. You know, the whole "two become one", "leave and cleave" thing that's in our vows. I don't think it's fair for you to take my husband places in the US and not give me the money to go there too. So, what do you say? Can I be with him for a while? Think about it and get back to me ASAP.

Thank you,

His Frustrated Army Wife


Melissa Hendrix said...

Since you didn't leave me much choice...I will comment...
Dear Frustrated Army Wife,
The Army really doesn't care that you don't get to see your husband...They have bigger things to deal with and he signed the contract that said he would bend over backwards for them. On the other hand...God does care your you dear frustrated army wife. He hears your pleas and knows how you feel. He loves you so much that even when things are difficult he is there to hold your hand or let you scream and cry at him. He knows the full picture even when you can only see the little piece. What if you get moved to Hawaii but they want to move you somewhere else within the same year? Maybe the second move would be more expensive and the army would pay for it as long as you don't move to GA? Just a thought.
So, dear frustrated army wife....I wish I were there to let you scream at me...but I guess Skype will have to sufice when I am home :) Or our lovely non-continuous phone calls...I should write a letter to verizon... :-P
I am praying for you and Joe and the entire situation...
Love ya!

Sarah said...

=) Thanks. I probably needed that. And thanks for commenting!!!