25 February, 2010


Notice anything different?! Mrs. Muffins has been wonderful and made my blog all pretty for me! I'm super excited about it!

I'm feeling a fit of randomness coming on, so beware!!

Since when did dead roses start smelling like vomit? Last night when I came home from dropping G.I. Joe off at the barracks, I noticed a very pukey smell in the doorway/dining area. Which is strange, because I'm pretty sure that no one [including the dog] has puked anywhere near the door or table. Hmmm. So, I let it go. Then, today the vomit smell returned with a vengeance. I came back from running, and there it was...hitting me right in the face. I searched around and still found nothing. After lunch, I started to sort of clean up around the kitchen. I walked by the counter and there it was again. I also noticed the pizza box from last night. With one piece still in it. Surely that was the culprit, right? No. I gave up. I cleaned out some leftovers from the frigde, took out the trash...and still, the smell remained.  As I was spraying some smelly-good stuff around the house....it dawned on me. It was the roses I keep forgetting to throw out! But, why do they smell like vomit?! This is definitely a first for me. I don't ever remember flowers smelling like that before. Maybe because I put a little bit of pancake syrup in the water? I don't get it.

Anyway, progress is happening in the spare bedroom! 2 more boxes down today! I'm trying to get ready for when Joe's family comes to town. Although, I did receive some sad news today. =( My sister in law and very pretty niece will not be staying with me when they come down. *insert my pouting face here* I know that she needs a real bed, and not my air mattress, but still. Sad. His parents won't be staying here either, but I still feel like the house needs to be as clean as possible. I have no idea where I'm going to put all the junk, but maybe after Joe helps me a little bit this weekend I'll have a better idea of what to do with it all.

More news: Joe is putting in to live off-post! =D We weren't sure that he should because we only have one car...and I'd have to get up way before the crack of dawn to take him to morning PT. Unless I didn't need the car for the day. No, I don't need the car every day but it's nice to know that I can go if I need to. Hopefully it won't take too long to get approved.

Oh, one more random thing.

Growing up, parents always tell kids "don't talk to strangers." If you're home alone, they say "don't open the door for a stranger." Today, I forgot this little bit of wisdom. After my shower, I hear someone pretty much banging on the door...which makes my little Jasper start barking his head off. Great. Here I am, half naked, hair up in a towel and there's someone at my door. So, I look through the little peep hole and see a guy standing there. I yell, "just a minute!" and throw on some clothes. The dude was trying to sell me some magazines so he could go on a trip or something. Seriously? The guy was seriously flirting and asking me weirdo questions...all so I'd buy a magazine. Um....NO! Why on earth would I be stupid enough to give you my information?  Second...why did I open the door to this guy?! He could have been some psycho killer, and I opened the door. Sheesh. What is wrong with me?! Right, I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Where you didn't worry about opening the door to a stranger because they might actually need some help. *sigh* That was my FAIL for the day!

So, that's how my Thursday has been so far! I'm precooking dinner, so hopefully the rest of my day will be wonderful and relaxed!



JG said...

LOVE the new look! I'm putting the button on my blog right now! And you are better than me. I never found the source of our freaky smell before we sold the house. I poured fruit and detergent down the garbage disposal, bleached the trashcan, mopped the floors....nothing helped! So congrats on your success. :)

Via said...

Looks cute!

Kathryn said...

Great post, and love your new layout!! :)
That is funny you are moving off base, we are moving on in just 10 days from now!
I know what you mean about opening the door, sometimes I just don't think!
Have a great weekend! :)

beckara said...

Very cute. I like it. :)

Amber said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours - Mrs. Muffins is a genius! She's doing blog updates everywhere. :) Yours looks great!